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“Amanda is one of the most amazing humans I will ever know in my life. I came to know her during our time at Primary Children’s Hospital after my son was recovering from a severe traumatic brain injury. We were told if he lived we would have to put him into a home. He slowly made improvements daily, but the day the music team lead by Amanda entered our room for the first time, I knew our life would never be the same! I’m a big believer in music as therapy and would recommend it to anyone! Amanda was so beautiful and compassionate and worked with him so well! He not only began to talk but we walked out of that hospital 4 months later! Music played one of the biggest roles in that moment!”

“Amanda is so kind and talented, and music therapy was truly a game changer for my daughter. Music therapy visits could bring her so much comfort and peace at her times of suffering when nothing else could. Music helped unlock her world and taught us so much about her personality. Amanda is amazing!”

“[My daughter] underwent chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. Her sessions with Amanda gave her something to look forward to every day, and drew her out of her depressed isolation. She wrote songs in music therapy that gave meaning to her suffering, and allowed her to process her grief, anger and pain in a constructive and healing way. We credit this dedicated, knowledgeable, and loving treatment as the factor that made the difference in our daughter’s recovery.”

“Amanda is an amazing human that always reaches the heart of those she is with… she is an angel.” - Anne-Marie Barton, Founder of Sophie’s Place, an initiative of the Forever Young Foundation

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